My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fair Fun #2

Monday, October 21st the boys didn't have school so I took them to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  It took some convincing because they wanted daddy to be able to go with us.  I explained that if we waited until Daddy had time to go with us then the movie would be out of the theatre.  We thought we would be the only ones in there but actually sat next to one of Brody's friends, Colleen.

That evening we decided to head to the fair again but this time with the Walsky's and the Henderson's.  They were so excited to be able to go to the fair with Bradyn and Ava and thankfully the weather looked promising.

These two are so cute.  Sometimes they are like brother and sister and never get along and then other times they are like this.

I think they could have all ridden this all night long.  However, it was still slow like the other night

This is the one thing they were all dying to ride since B&T didn't ride it the night before because the line was TOO long.

We ran into Ava's cousin Raleigh so the 3 of them rode quite a bit of rides together.  Raleigh is just a couple months younger than Trevor.

Aren't they so cute.

Time for bumper cars.

Brody was actually tall enough to ride by himself and he had a blast!!  Adam tried to start smack talk with some little middle schoolers behind them in line, but they didn't even get on the same time together.

Not sure who had more fun - the parents or the kids.

Time for the Tilt a Whirl.  I'm pretty sure this is B&T's favorite ride.  I love how Ava isn't a big fan of this ride and doesn't want to ride but as soon as it is time to get on, she jumps in.  Oh what these boys talk her into.  She is good for one time and then she hops out.

This was the last ride of the night and Ava and Brody both wanted to ride it.  Steph and I were quite shocked that she wanted to ride it - maybe because she got to ride with Brody.  They both loved it!!

Another late night at the fair but this one ended up with cotton candy and a candy apple so it was definitely successful.

Bye Bye fair - until next year.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Fair Fun #1

As has become our annual tradition, Daniel and Jessica come into town and we pack up and head to the fair on Saturday.  After an early morning soccer game on Saturday, Oct 19

Yeah this is what Brody does while Trevor plays soccer.

and several hours of Jason, Daniel and Tara cleaning out the rest of their dad's shed we were off to the fair.  While they cleaned the kids stayed at our house and were able to play, which they had a blast but of course kept asking when we were going to the fair.

Can you tell they are quite excited to finally be headed to the fair

Brody was so excited about the fair this year because he knew he was tall enough to ride most of the rides.  Jason decided to not get an armband on Saturday because he figured Brody and Caleb would ride most of the rides together - and he was right.  These boys had so much fun riding as much as they could.  However, since it was a Saturday night it was pretty crowded so they didn't get to rides.

While Jason hung out with Brody and Caleb, I hung out with the little ones.  Trevor and Cale were so cute and wanted to ride all of the little rides, which I loved.  It is going to be a sad day when Trevor doesn't want to ride these little rides.

This slide needed some slick work done to it because it was quite slow, but the kids still loved riding it over and over again.

Me and my little guy on the slowest Merry Go Round ever.

Maddie joined the boys on this ride.

I think this was their favorite ride of all.  I got a little sick just watching the thing go round and round.

This is what happens when Mom is away - Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jason give her a Hello Kitty ice cream.  She was loving it.

Madison was so good through the whole night.  She just sat and people watched - lots of that to do!!

A week or so before the fair, Brody had the opportunity to write 3 sentences about past fair memories to be included in his school's fair booth.  The night before it was due he didn't want to do it, but of course the next morning he changed his mind and wanted to complete the project (it wasn't required).  Since it was the morning we didn't have a lot of time to color and decorate the leaf so he just wrote 3 sentences in different colors.  I also printed out a picture from the fair last year.  I told him that his leaf may not make

As he and Jason walked to see the school booths, Brody was SOOOO excited to see his leaf in the booth and it was right in the front.  Caleb thought it was pretty cool that he was in the picture as well.

Our annual picture of the kids.  This is very difficult to get all of them somewhat looking in the same direction.

It was the boys' turn for some ice cream.  Thanks to Uncle Chris at the I Need A Brain Freeze ice cream truck.  They were so excited and full of sugar for the night.

It was a great night minus the huge crowds, and of course Trevor was asleep by the time we got out of the parking lot - which means a successful night.