My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bubble Time

With the hot weather lately, the boys have been so cooped up in the house that we had to do something.  So one evening we went outside and played with some new bubbles that Trevor got for his birthday - COLOR ones!!  The boys had a blast becoming a new color.

Oh yeah, blue bubbles

Trevor had a little too much fun rolling in the grass and wasn't ready to go inside.

Go Jags

Last Friday night we (ALL 4 of us) headed to the Jags preseason game.  Jason & I have 2 tickets and usually Brody & Jason go to the preseason game but this year my worked actually had 4 extra  tickets so we decided to go ahead and ALL go - it's only preseason right so we could leave early if we needed to.


When we got there they had a relay for kids and of course Brody AND Trevor had to try it out.  Brody LOVED it and ran through it about 3 times and wanted to go more but it was time to go find our seats.

Trevor was quite in awe over everything which is why we thought he would do ok at the game.  We had to cover both of their ears in preparation of the jet flyover.  Trevor wasn't a big fan at first of the loud noise when everyone cheered but then he would quickly start clapping as well.  Brody was just ready for the players to come out.

 Nothing like some cotton candy to get Brody going.

He was entertaining the guys behind us.

We gave our 2 tickets to John & Tracy which was actually 1 section over from us.  Adam & Stephanie also have season tickets which were just 1 section over as well.  Since it was a preseason game there were quite a few empty seats around us so at one time we had 5 extra people around us which made for quite some fun times.  Between Jason and I there were 2 seats and towards the middle of the game we had all 4 kids in those 2 seats - fun times.  Jason was wondering if he could go seat with Adam since Adam didn't have any kids around him.

I was able to bring in a few snacks so Trevor ate the ENTIRE time.  However, by the 3rd quarter he didn't want anymore of that and he was done which meant we were done so we headed home.  It was a successful and WARM and LATE evening but the kids had a great time and got to bed around 11:00.

First Day of PreK

Monday, August 15 was Brody's first day of PreK.  He is still going to Sonshine so it's not too big of a change for him except that he is now going everyday but only 8-11.  We were trying to build up the big day and explain that he would be going everyday so he didn't get too disappointed when it came Wed and he still had to go to school.

Since I am at work by 6:45AM, Jason has the lovely responsibility of getting Brody ready every morning.  He does a great job and I am very thankful.  I try to make things as easy as possible for him.  This year, I decided to pick out his clothes for the entire week and put them in a basket in his closet.  I explained what it was for to Brody and he totally got it.  I don't think we have too many complaints on his clothes (one advantage with a boy) so this process is working pretty good.

Since Brody has been at Sonshine for a couple of years now, Jason was able to just drop him off in the drop off line and of course Brody never looked back.  He was pretty excited but I'm not sure he knew what the big deal was all about.

His teacher is Mrs. Cicero who runs a pretty tight ship, which I am VERY excited about.  My mom picked him up at 11:00 and I was pretty excited to hear how his day went but of course my son of so few words didn't offer much up, so all I got was "it was good".

He seems to be doing great with it - a little tired by the 3rd day so he takes a nap on my day off - he has to get caught up on his sleep somehow.  I'm pretty excited to see how his year goes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm no Okefenokee Joe

If you went to school in Nassau county then you probably remember Okefenokee Joe.  This was a guy with a HUGE Southern accent who visited the schools.  He would bring along several "friends" in wooden boxes...SNAKES!!!  Back then I wasn't a big fan of his friends and I still am not!!

A couple of Saturday's ago around 7:45 AM, I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden Brody bursts into our room, jumped on the bed and was screaming like a girl - "There's a snake in the kitchen".  I thought whatever - it's probably one of those skinks, so I asked Brody how big and it was about the size of a skink. Jason, who was still kind of asleep, gets out of the bed and tells us all to calm down.

Now where was Trevor in all of this?  Well, Jason opened the bedroom door and there he stands saying "Snake" and pointing.  Brody in his scared state of mind had closed the door in Trevor's face and left him out there to take care of the snake.

Jason goes to scope out the situation and sure enough it was a little brown snake about 6-7 inches long.  He took care of it with a broom because it DID NOT belong in our house.

So, I tried to google a picture of what it looked like but I couldn't even bring myself to find one.  I freaked out everytime I pulled one up and couldn't close the browser fast enough.  So, no pictures in the post.

I asked Brody the details about it and he said when he went to get his poptart, he looked down and it was about 2 inches from his feet which is when he screamed and ran!!

Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing, where is its mama??  I definitely look twice when I'm in the garage. All I keep thinking is what if I had seen that thing - I probably would have passed out or hurt myself trying to get away from it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Global Impact Celebration - Beach Style

A couple of weeks ago, our church celebrated our annual Global Impact Celebration.  This is a time when missionaries we support from all over the world come to our church for several days.  We are able to learn more about what they do and see how we can pray for them during the upcoming year.

Saturday night each Fellowship class had a get together with a missionary.  Since we assist with the youth, our get together was at the beach for an afternoon of swimming, volleyball, food & the Goombi's from Kansas.  We had a great turnout - about 65 kids.  Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.
 Of course a couple of the girls had to do some planking.

 Jason getting in on some volleyball.

 Dan Goombi talking to the kids about their work in Kansas.

 The missionaries sweet little girl - her first time seeing the ocean.

One pretty exciting thing happened while we were out there.  The weather wasn't looking so great and it really looked like we were going to get flooded right as we were to start eating.  Bro. Todd, our youth pastor, said the blessing, he prayed that God would just hold off the rain until we left.  The clouds really went right around us and as we were leaving the clouds were on the other side of us - literally went right around us - What an answer to prayer.  See the sky below - this is as we are ending the night.

Brody was so excited to hang out at the church that night because they had huge blow up water slides for the kids.  Unfortunately, the bad weather hindered them from enjoying the fun slides but Brody said he still had a great time.

Since we were at the beach a little later than the pickup time at the church, Janan picked up both the boys for us.  She too has 2 boys the same age as ours.  She is so calm with everything and definitely doesn't sweat the small stuff - I wish I had more of that.  They even had the singles class at their house but she was still so sweet to pick up our boys as well.  When we showed up, the boys were having a blast especially Trevor because of the stairs - would have given me a heart attack to watch.  Here's the Back Seat boys as Janan called it as she picked them all up from church.

Freedom must come to an end

Last Friday was our last day together before Brody starts school so I wanted to make sure we did something fun and not just stay in the house.  I originally wanted to take them to Adventure Landing water park, but thought wiser about doing that by myself, so we opted to go to Big Air - an inside bouncy house.

The boys were pretty excited about going.  Trevor kept saying "bounce".  They never stopped going from the time they walked in.  Trevor was so excited to be free and he followed Brody into the first bouncy house and he never looked back.  I thought I would be fine just staying on the outside of the bouncy houses but after a lady asked if she could help Trevor up the steps to get to the slide, I felt like a horrible mom, so off I went to buy the $2 socks they provide at the front.

 Up the big slide he went all by himself - because I surely did not want to have to climb that thing.

They went back and forth between the 2 rooms and nothing really stopped Trevor.  He even went up the BIG dinosaur slide - but a few minutes passed and he was slowly coming down those same steps.  So the next time we went up together.  I really wasn't prepared for what was at the top - STRAIGHT down slide that of course we had to go down.  He kind of liked it but we only went down it once.

Thankfully no tears for the entire hour and half we were there - what a fun time.  We then ventured out to something different for lunch - Moe's.  We've eaten there before with Jason, but never by myself.  I am thankful to say it was a very successful lunch so maybe we can venture to other places besides Chick Fil A.

I can't believe this was our last all day out together and he is starting PreK and going every day.  He's growing up way too fast.

Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Double Ear Infections

Well, last Wednesday we headed to the doctor for Trevor's 2 year check up as well as he and Brody's follow up appointments for their ear infections.  Thankfully Jason is able to go to most of the doctor appointments because I would hate to have to take both of them by myself (I know I'm spoiled).  Dr. Hardman has seen my boys for most of their appointments and I just love her.  Since Trevor doesn't like the doctor - he actually screams when the nurse just checks his temperature - Dr. Hardman checked Brody first and his ears were great.  Trevor watched Brody do so good, so he did really well this time.  However, one of his ears was still infected so we had to up the antibiotics.

His 2 year old stats are:  50%-75% in weight and 75% in height.  She said he is doing great and looks great.  Of course we have to go back for another check up on the ears - I think I'll have to do that one on my own - FUN!!

Here's how our time is spent waiting on the doctor:

We will do almost anything to keep them occupied and OFF the floor - talk about a hard task for boys!!

After a little shopping afterwards, we stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour - well Brody and I did because Trevor was sound asleep. 

There was no waking him up for this.  He has never had a slushy before so he was pretty excited.  He chose green apple, I bought Trevor cherry (for when he woke up), and I had blue coconut.  Let me just say that may be the LAST time we ever do Sonic because all of that syrup went right to the Wound Up, Get Excited and Crazy bones. 

They were so wild that night that at first I had no idea why they were acting so wild and Jason even asked "what did they have today".  I thought about it and remembered the slushies and said never again!!  I sure hoped they enjoyed them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog

Yes, it was a Mickey Mouse birthday weekend and Trevor was pretty excited.  We had a pool party at Nini and Papa's house so of course the weather was a concern.  It was thundering a couple of hours prior to the party but thankfully no rain for the whole day - BUT it was HOT!!!!

My wonderful dad and Gary cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs.

All the boys (Cale was still with us) took a good nap, and Trevor took almost a 3 hour one - he was a tired boy. When he woke up he was so ready to head to his party especially after he saw his new bathing suit and shirt.

I made a chocolate cake and this year thanks to my friend Clair talking me into it decided to make cookies (so glad I did).  Trevor loved his cake and seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere. 

 Brody didn't wake up in a good mood after his nap so this was the best we got.

He got right in the pool and stayed for a little while but of course was ready for a snack since he didn't have time for one when he got up.  With a pool party there seems to always be a scary moment and so yes Trevor decided to jump in after watching his cousin Caleb BUT Trevor didn't have his vest on.  Thankfully between John and Jason they were able to grab him. I was hoping he would have kicked his way to the top but he didn't.  Later on he was playing on the back playground and didn't have his vest on again and came near the pool to "look" in and fell in.  Daniel saw it happen and hollered out for anyone to grab him - Jason was in the pool and John was on the side and hollered "I've got him" as he dove into the pool.  Jason said that he kind of stayed at the top this time and didn't sink so I guess he got better.

Jason "surfing"

Trevor's buddy Tucker - they are about 4 months apart.

Popo enjoying the birthday party.

Papa and Nini with the boys

Nana with the birthday boy

Cake time and Trevor was so good and enjoyed everyone singing to him and blew out the candles in 1 blow.  He had some practice on his actual birthday with a waffle.  After he blew out the candles he said "Happy Birthday to me" and claped - he's so stinkin' cute!!

We moved right into presents and he did so good with the presents.  Last year he couldn't sit still long enough to open them but this year he would pull something out and want to move onto to the next present even though there was still some things in the bag.  There were a couple of items that he wanted to play with right then so he sat back in his chair and tried to play with it.  He was having a blast.  Big brother was pretty excited over some of his gifts as well because he knew he was going to be able to play with them as well.

Not so sure about this.  He loved the 4wheelers in Toys R Us - he didn't care about anything else.  He spent a lot of time crawling from one to another.  We figured he would grow into this one.

Big brother was more than willing to take him for a spin

It's my turn now.  He does ok, but can't turn too well so my dad kept pretty busy making sure he didn't run into anything.

A few people stayed around until about 9:00 continuing to swim which was a lot of fun. 

The pool party was so much fun and I think Trevor enjoyed it as well.  A positive to having a summer birthday in Florida - the party will ALWAYS have something to do with water.