My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun on the Island - with a little golf

A couple of weekends ago we packed up and boy do I mean packed up and headed to Hilton Head for Jason's annual golf tournament. He would be playing 4 days of golf - a golfers dream!! While he played golf in the morning, mom and I took the boys and toured the island for fun things to do and see.

We left Wednesday night and arrived to our 2 bedroom condo right on the beach around 10:00. Trevor fell asleep right before we arrived and did pretty good during the ride up - thanks to lots of food and a little Toy Story from his brother's DVD player.
Each morning around 7AM Jason and I would sneak out quietly so I could drop him off at his golf course for the day - yes I know you were probably thinking sneak out to get away for awhile but not so. I would then try and quietly sneak back in to get a little more sleep before Trevor would wake up - he was in our room in a pack n play so this was a chore to do, but I was pretty successful. However, there was a missing blind in our room so the sun loved to shine in and Trevor would wake up around 8:00 and just talk and then he would start playing with the blinds. I tried not to look at him thinking he would go back to sleep but that never really happened but he did let me sleep until around 8:30.

Mom and I and the boys would head out around 10:00 to explore the island - Thursday we found a cool park for the boys to play and run around. Being cooped up in car seats is no fun. After a Wendy's picnic, the boys ran around and played until mom and I got a little irritated at the other kids playing or maybe it was at the moms who were sitting at a table chatting and NOT paying any attention to their kids throwing sand, dragging BIG tree limbs into the play area, and kicking a soccer ball into the play area when there was a HUGE field right by the playground. My patience was running thin so it was best to move on. After we picked up Jason we headed to the outlet mall for a little shopping for the boys. It always amazes me how this works out - I go for a specific purpose of buying the boys much needed clothes but would like to try and find myself something but of course by the time it gets around to me the boys have had enough and it's time to go. Oh, well maybe one day.

On Friday, we headed out to the island's Hands On Children's Museum - Sandbox. I wasn't sure how this would be because I took Brody to Jacksonville's hands on museum and all I kept thinking about was the germs he would be bringing home. However, this one was MUCH nicer and well worth the trip. The boys played and played for about 2-3 hours - they probably could have played longer but we needed to get something to eat.

Here are the many faces of Brody for that morning:
Trevor even got involved

After picking up Jason, we headed out to the beach for a little run around time. The weather was beautiful during our entire stay on the island - perfect golf weather. However, it was quite breezy on the beach but it didn't stop the boys from running all around.

On Saturday, we found a community garage sale to go to. We found a couple of bargains but nothing great - we really had NO room to bring home anything. We then headed to the mall where we had a couple of kid breakdowns. I am not a big fan of the play areas inside the mall - I know I guess I'm weird about that but I'm just not so sure how clean they are. Well, of course this small mall had one and I was feeling bad for Brody not being able to run around and play so far that day, so I let him play for about 10 minutes. Well, he DID NOT want to leave that area and I pretty much dragged him out screaming - of course the mall is pretty quiet so I'm sure I got a few stares - oh well!! The joys of parenting. I'm thinking the lack of sleep was catching up with Brody.

Sunday was leaving day but Jason still had another round of golf that morning, so mom and I were in charge of packing the vehicle. Oh the fun!!
Here's mine and mom's packing skills - we still need to put a set of golf clubs in there....
Here's Jason's packing job - much better and it even includes the golf clubs.

After 4 days of golf, Jason came in 15th place out of about 160 golfers. I would say this was pretty successful. We waited around until about 3:30 to see what he had won but it looked like it was going to be another couple of hours so we headed out. Brody slept the ENTIRE way home from 5 minutes after pulling out until we pulled into our driveway. Trevor on the other hand slept about 1 1/2 hours and then ate the rest of the way.

It was a fun filled weekend, but I definitely needed a vacation after that trip.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's that time of year - FAIR time

Tuesday night we headed to the fair again - well the first time for me. We were meeting up with Brody's pals - Baylie & Bradyn. My dad joined us as well and we got there around 6:00. The kids had a blast running around to almost every ride. Brody's favorite ride was the snow bob - thank goodness Jason rides these things because I surely don't.

When we first got to the fair we met up with the Stephanie, Adam & Ava. Ava wasn't so sure about the rides so we rode the merry go round first. From the look of my face, I think I'm little nervous about these rides - you know they are so safe since so much care has been put into putting them together :)

Trevor taking it all in.

This playground was one of Brody's favorite things to do - thank goodness for the ride all you want for 1 price arm band.

Arms up - he has become a little dare devil on these things.

Trevor even rode a few rides - all smiles and enjoyed every minute of it.

The 3 little dare devils - arms up.

3 best buddies

His favorite ride - which happens to be an adult ride
As you can see they weren't scared of much except for a little joke some teenagers played on them in the barn thanks to the help from Mr. John. He had them stand right in this spot to "take a picture" and then the teenagers lowered a huge black spider in front of them. Brody's face is priceless - don't worry I did my share of laughing because it was pretty funny.

What a fun evening with the kids. They had a blast and I'm sure will be talking about it for awhile.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!

This past Monday night was a home Jags game and I love night football games so I was pretty excited about it and especially since we got to tailgate with our fellow Parking Lot Z comrades. I really didn't take any pictures of our tailgating experience but not sure the camera would capture the pumped atmosphere around the parking lot - the parking lots were PACKED about 3 hours prior to kickoff. We had a blast but pretty bummed about the outcome of the gameParty in Parking Lot Z

This girl was tailgating next to us and she wanted to play the game so she just joined right in.

A fun family weekend

Last weekend Daniel, Jessica & Caleb were in town for the fair and they spent the weekend with us. They all headed to the fair on Saturday - I was directing a wedding at the church so I couldn't join them but I hear they had a blast. Here's a few pictures of their great time - Jason says we have created a monster because Brody rides most anything.

4 Cousins

and then Tara, Bryan & Cale & Rhonda & Kim all came over for lunch on Sunday. The boys have such a great time together and the weather was beautiful so they all enjoyed running around outside.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My little pumpkins

Pumpkin patches are one of my favorite places to go - maybe it's because of the great picture opportunities. However, it always seems to be so difficult to get to one with our busy schedules and there aren't any that are close.

"Should I touch this one or not?"

This year we went to one near San Marco and it was pretty good. The boys loved walking or more like running around all of the pumpkins. The first thing on the agenda was to try and get a few pictures which is always a chore with a 3 year old who doesn't want to look at the camera and a 1 year old who is a BUSY body and WON'T stay still.

The best one I had of me and the boys - not great but it will have to do.

Doesn't it look like Brody wants to just say "OK, enough with the pictures"

At least Trevor is sitting.

After picking out a pumpkin to carve - this will the first time we have ever done this but we thought it might be fun - maybe we are kind of crazy - oh well. Brody also picked out a couple of small ones for he and Trevor to color on - should be fun as well.
Our BIG pumpkin to carve.
Trying to pick up the HEAVY pumpkin.

We then headed to San Marco to eat - always interesting with Trevor who doesn't like to eat much and is usually ready for bed around 8:00, but thankfully he did OK.

It was a great night and now we just need to find time to carve & color the pumpkins.