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My Family

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Magical Place - Day 4

Our final park day in wonderful Disney World consisted of trying to do everything else we hadn't done yet. We first headed back to Epcot to go through Journey Into Imagination since this was the one thing Jason and I remembered about Epcot that we loved. However, we were very disappointed because it had changed quite a bit from 25 years ago.

We rode the "Big Golf Ball" at the front which Brody thought was pretty cool and then headed out to Hollywood Studios. We ate lunch and then Brody slept for about 2 hours. We kept thinking we would head to the hotel but it took so much time to transport back with 2 kids and 2 strollers and since both kids slept pretty good in the strollers we just stayed. The wait times were definitely longer on Saturday so we mostly watched shows and walked around. The main reason we came back to Hollywood Studios was to see the Osborne Christmas Light Show. About 6:30 the lights came on and they moved to Christmas music. It was beautiful.

Since we thought most people were watching the lights we headed over to where Buzz Lightyear and Woody were so Brody could have his picture with them. He was so giddy when he saw them. He was like a kid in a candy store. It was a hilarious. That topped our night off so we headed out (of course not without buying a few souveniers - bubble blower & Mater onesie for Trevor). We were so exhausted and the boys so needed a bath so when we got back to the hotel mom and dad stayed back to take care of them and Jason & I headed to DD to find food to take back. Earl of Sandwich shop was well worth the wait and pretty inexpensive. I then had to find some dessert so went to Goofy's Candy Shop and stocked up on several scrumptious items - Brody even got a Goofy marshmallow which he devoured and loved.

We left Disney the next day - Sunday. It was sad day to leave such a great place and I can't wait for our next trip. We were definitely tired but it was all worth it to see Brody's face and hear him talk about seeing Mickey and all of the other characters.

A Magical Place - Day 3

Friday morning we were moving a little slower and it was harder to get Brody out of bed and moving. We headed to Animal Kingdom and we could tell it was getting close to the weekend because it was getting crowded. Brody was very eager to get his picture with these characters outside the park. He was definitely getting use to posing - maybe all the coaching I gave him before this trip finally paid off.

We first went to The Lion King show which was really good. At first Brody was a little timid because of course it was dark and I think he was beginning to get worn out. One of the best things was the Safari - now you don't get to feed the animals like the safari we went on in Pine Mtn but it was still nice - much cleaner.

Once Brody passed out in the stroller Dad, Jason, and I rode Mt. Everest. This ride was great and I wish we had time to ride it again. We had no idea it went backwards so that was a surprise. Once Brody woke up we headed to DinoLand and let him ride a few rides. He had his picture with Goofy & Pluto and was pretty goofy acting himself.

I really wanted to take Brody to TRex cafe at Downtown Disney so tonight seemed like our only opportunity. We left AK around 7:30 and headed to DD - thankfully our hotel was right across the water from DD. DD was packed but the wait was only about 20 minutes. I just knew Brody would be so worn out that he would act up but he did great. I guess it was because of everything to look at. Thankfully we were in the Ice Age room so we weren't sitting next to the Roaring Dino. That probably would have freaked him out. He thought it was pretty cool how the room changed colors. Even Trevor handled everything pretty well.

After we ate of course we had to do some shopping. I had read that in one of the stores you could stuff a box full of Mr.Potato Head pieces for $20. This took me FOREVER because I was trying to get perfect sets - ie Buzz, Goofy but come to find out they didn't have all of the parts to make complete sets. However, I did do my best so Brody has a box full of parts under the tree. We used the shopping to our advantage.

Once again back at our hotel around 11:30 - ready for another Long day ahead of us.

A Magical Place - Day 2

Thursday morning we headed to the Magic Kingdom. We thought we would try and get there early but didn't make it until about 10Am. It's quite an ordeal to get 6 people ready and out the door. We didn't think we could come back to the hotel so we had to make sure we had everything for the entire day since we would be staying at Disney until midnight for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party that night.

I absolutely LOVED seeing Brody's face see the Magic Kingdom for the first time and Mickey stuff everywhere. Disney truly is a magical place. We knew Brody would love the MK because the rides were right up his alley and thankfully Trevor could ride most everything as well. Of course our first place was FantasyLand and what ride does he see first - the Carousel - yes he LOVES this ride thanks to Papa for taking him on the one at the zoo for the first time. It was then Dumbo before the line got too long, which he loved. He wasn't so sure about Snow White and Peter Pan since it was dark inside.

He had a blast in Winnie the Pooh's play area and then was able to take a picture with Winnie, Eeyore & Tiger. He did great this time - no parents in the picture. He actually was giving them high five. Thankfully we have 2 boys so no standing in line to see the princesses.

Jason and I rode Pirates to see if Brody would like it - but that was a definite NO!! So then my parents took their turn. Around 1:30 or so Brody fell asleep so it was time for Jason and I to ride Thunder Mountain - (Space Mtn was closed - I was very bummed) - there was NO line so we rode it twice. My parents took it easy on a bench in Frontier Land with the 2 sleeping kids. The weather was great although it didn't feel like Christmas since we were in shorts.

Enjoying the parade on Daddy's shoulders.

Mickey's Christmas party started around 7PM and we continued to ride. One of Brody's favorite rides was the race cars. He rode with Jason and actually drove the car - he loved it. We put Brody on his first roller coaster - Goofy's in Mickey's Birthday Land. He wasn't so sure about it and of course didn't really want to go but we just picked him up and went. He didn't cry but said he didn't like it when it was over. We went to see Mickey and Minnie in their playhouse and it was a great set up. They only took a couple of people back at a time to have their picture taken so you were in a room by yourself with them. Brody loved it. Check out Mickey's height or lack of. I think he may need to find a new character to be or at least find a shorter Minnie.

no mama on teacups or "coffee cups" as Brody calls them.

On the race cars - what a driver.

During the Christmas party they have dances going on so we took Brody to see if he would show off his moves and he did!! Goofy even showed up to dance with him. He thought it was the best. It was now about 10:00 so Brody was a little giddy himself. We made our way to Main Street to find a spot for the 10:30 parade and it was CROWDED, but thankfully Brody was able to get up front to see. This was truly a magical place and to see Brody's face as he watched all of the characters and wave to them made me feel so blessed to be a parent!! I found myself beaming from ear to ear and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. It even snowed (soap bubbles) but it was great.
Showing off his moves to the girls.

Waving to everyone in the parade.
After the parade we headed back to Fantasy Land and let Brody ride a few more rides. While they were riding Dumbo the fireworks went off and of course Brody doesn't care too much for them so what "great" timing to have him in the air while they were going off. These fireworks were everywhere. It was one of the best shows I've seen. Trevor by this time was REALLY ready for his bed so NiNi and Papa headed back to the hotel while we waited for the last show at the castle. Brody fell asleep right before the show but we had to wake him up so he wouldn't miss it.
"Enjoying" the fireworks with Papa.

Finally back at the hotel well after midnight. We were TIRED people, but up and ready to do it all for Day

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Magical Place - Day 1

I can't believe I'm finally blogging about our Disney trip that was in middle November. I've been a little busy lately with a 4 month old, planning a 3 year old birthday party, and trying to get ready for Christmas.

We have been planning this trip to Disney for about 6 months and were so excited. This was Brody's 1st trip and Jason and I hadn't been in YEARS!!! Since we would be taking Trevor with us we invited NiNi and Papa to join us - thank goodness we had them to help out. We left Tues the 17th after work and came home on Sunday. After much agonizing debate and research we decided to stay at the Saratoga Springs Resort since they had a 2 bedroom suite. We thought it would be best to stay in a bigger room since we had a little one with us. We purchased a 4 day park hopper pass so we were ready for a busy 4 days.

Since we had a suite with a kitchen my dad got up each morning and made breakfast for us. This was very convenient so we didn't have to cart 2 kids and 2 strollers out for breakfast and of course time Brody wakes up he wants something to eat. Wednesday we headed out to Hollywood Studios and it was great to see Brody's face as he saw things for the first time. He was so excited. His first picture was with Handy Manny - he was excited UNTIL it was our turn which is why I'm in the picture. The same was with Little Einsteins - which is why Jason is in the picture. I know you probably thought we just wanted our picture with the characters.
Lookin great in San Francisco.

We made sure to see the show Playhouse Disney which was a very good one. We then saw that you could have your picture with Lightning McQueen & Mater from the Cars movie. This was great since his birthday party the next week was going to be Lightning McQueen. He loved seeing Lightning McQueen.
We thought Brody would love the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area - he was a little scared to do things. We tried to get him to go down slides - we even went down them first, but he wasn't so sure. He is the child who has to take it all in and then of course when you are ready to leave he'll finally do it.
One of the best rides there was Toy Story - you play carnival type games and compete with the other person in your car. It was so much fun and Brody had a blast as you can see with Dad and Brody in their 3D glasses.
The park wasn't crowded at all so there was no wait - which is the only way to experience Disney World. Jason and I even rode Aerosmith and Tower of Terror while mom and dad tried to get Brody to go to sleep in the stroller. I think he was so excited that he didn't want anything to do with that, so we decided to go back to the room to rest a little before heading to Epcot for the evening. We stayed at Epcot until about midnight. He was such a big boy and rode Soarin which he loved until the fireworks came at the end. He can be a scardy cat sometimes so a lot of times we didn't give him the opportunity to tell us no - we just picked him up and got in line.
In Epcot is where he saw the 5 main characters for the first time. Brody was so excited and walked right up to each one, gave hugs and smiled for the camera.

We were exhausted when we got back to the hotel that night. It's quite an ordeal to have 2 kids & 2 stollers at Disney parks. The transportation was convenient, but it was a pain to fold up the stollers everytime - even when no one was on the bus. Trevor did so great since he sleeps most of the time. He only got fussy late at night when he just wanted his bed to sleep - which we all wanted our bed.