My Family

My Family

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do they look the same?

Since Trevor was born everyone has been wondering if the 2 of them look the same. We don't really think so - maybe in the beginning. Here are a few pictures of the 2 of them.

Trevor enjoying his bath - pretty much asleep.

Brody bright eyed.
Trevor all ready for the Gator game.

Brody resting in NiNi's arms.

It's amazing how God makes everyone so different because even at 2 months I can see that my 2 are SOOOO different. Brody was very calm as an infant but Trevor seems to never be content and just sit. I knew when I carried him that he was going to be an active baby because he was never still and my belly moved ALL the time. We are definitely learning his cries which he immediately cries when he has a wet diaper and when he is tired. Trevor so far doesn't seem to like the stroller very much because if he is tired he won't just fall asleep in it like Brody used to. However, Trevor like Brody will fall asleep at night in his crib without having to be rocked to sleep which is a huge blessing (thanks to my friend Clair for those words of advice when we had Brody). These will be some fun years ahead of us!!

Brody's new do

Last week I thought it was time for a new haircut for Brody - Jason was on board as long as it didn't look stupid. His hair is very fine and he really doesn't have that much - I guess he gets that from my side of the family (my dad and his brothers are pretty much all bald). Brody has always done GREAT getting his haircut and is always excited to see Nee (Denise at Teenie's) and this was no exception. I told him he was going to get a Cool haircut. Here's the final outcome - now I just have to learn how to style the front.

Jags Game

Since it was still kind of early for me to attend a Jags game and since it was only a preseason game, Jason decided to take Brody to his first (I'm sure of many) Jags game. Brody was ALL excited to be going to a BIG football game. Brody did great and they stayed until the beginning of the 4th Q. Thank goodness for the IPhone because Jason found a great matching game for Brody to play when he started getting a little bored with the football game. They also ate some peanuts so that occupied Brody for a little while. He was pretty excited to see Nana and Poppy there as well - their seats are to the right of us in the end zone so Jason and Brody walked over there to see them before the left.

When they got home that night it was the cutest thing ever - Brody came running in to me telling me all about the BIG football game. He even learned the "Move those Chains" Move those Chains" chant. He was so excited, so I'm sure he'll be attending more later in his life:)

Trevor's on the job training

A few weeks ago (yes I can't seem to blog on time), was my first day back at work and thankfully I work for a small company and they were cool with Trevor coming with me. Since I handle the payroll for my company, I agreed to come back on Wednesday's for a few hours to make sure everyone gets paid - needless to say the employees love to see me when I show up.

Thank goodness Nana agreed to keep Brody for me while I went to work for a few hours. I wonder why work didn't want a 2 1/2 year old running around the office? I got to work around 9:30 or so and was only planning on working about 2-3 hours since Trevor was only about 4 weeks old, however, it ended up being about 4 hours. I was extremely exhausted by the time I got home even though I didn't feel tired while I was working. Anyway, Trevor did great at work since he slept most of the time. Thank goodness we have 1 room in our building that doesn't have windows so I was able to feed him in there and then he was ready to sleep some more.

Trevor did go with me to work again the next Wednesday, but he didn't sleep as much and I didn't think my co workers wanted to hear a screaming baby so I had to hold him most of the time. This made working a little difficult so I decided that would be the last time for Trevor at work with me. He now stays with Nana and Poppy - thankfully they are only about 5-10 min from my office. I have about 4-5 weeks left until I go back to working my normal 3 day a week schedule - should be quite interesting to see how this goes.

Just a random pic of my little Trevor.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What almost 3 year olds say!!

The other day I went into check on Brody from his nap - I could hear him talking and he was "supposed" to be asleep. I opened the door and he was sitting in the middle of his bed and I asked what are you doing? His response was priceless - he lifted his shirt and said he was feeding Shamu - yes he put his Shamu stuffed animal up to his chest to eat. I guess he's been seeing that a lot lately. All I could do was say OK and now you need to go to sleep. Needless to say I turned around and closed the door and chuckled. Brody cracks us up with his imagination and the things he says. This is such a fun age. Here's a cute picture of him being his crazy self.

My little one is 4 weeks old

OK, I know this is a little late, but better late then never!! Last week, Trevor was 4 weeks old. He is doing great and filling out pretty well - he's a good eater :) The first 4 weeks of his life were pretty eventful and NOT very quiet. There was construction going on EVERY day at the house and it was never quiet - but he was a trooper he slept right through most of it. Hopefully this will mean he will be able to sleep with a lot of noise going on.

He is currently still sleeping in our room in the cradle - the first 3 weeks he slept in the baby papasan chair and loved it - Brody did the same thing when he was first born. At 4 weeks Trevor was eating every 4-5 hours at night which meant I was sleeping for about 3-4 hours - I guess I couldn't complain too much. I am happy to report that for the past 2 nights though he slept for 5 - 6 hours straight. I am hoping that once he gets in his crib this will continue.

He is struggling with gas and Mylicon is our friend (does this stuff really work??). We have now gone through about 3 bottles of it. As a result, he is a belly sleeper just like his big brother was.

I can't believe it has already been 4 weeks. At times I look back and get so sad because I have been so wrapped up in the addition that I haven't spent a lot of time with Trevor. It definitely is hard to spread my time between Trevor and Brody. However, Brody has been a great big brother and is a big helper for me. There are times he wants a little more attention and we try and accomodate as much as we can.

A sweet big brother.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day of Fun in the Sun

Last Monday, Jason took off work so we could meet Daniel, Jessica, and Caleb at Adventure Landing water park. Caleb is a year older than Brody and since Caleb lives on the other side of the world, they don't see each other very often. We thought it would be good for them to play and what better place then a water park. We quickly found out that we have 2 scared little boys. They didn't want much to do with the water park and the kiddie section was the only thing open. I don't even think Brody went down a single slide - thank goodness he was free. He did enjoy the lazy river though. I on other hand just hung out with Trevor in the shade - or so I thought it was shade. I have to admit that Trevor got a little too much sun for a 4 week old. I felt like such a terrible mom. It was an overcast day and he wasn't out of the carrier for that long.

My little man lounging out.

As for Brody and Caleb all they really cared about were the games inside. They had a blast running back and forth to the different games - they didn't really even need tokens - they thought they were playing.
Isn't it amazing how little boys just seem to know what to do with guns???

That evening we met Nana, Poppy and Wendi for dinner at Ichiban. We weren't really sure how Brody would do here because the last time we went to a Japanese restaurant for my birthday he did not like it all. He still wasn't so sure about the place. As soon as he saw fire come from a side table he wanted to go to the bathroom and told Jason he didn't want to go back out. However, he did get better with the experience and actually ate some food. I would hate to think that we couldn't go to a Japanese restaurant anymore with him.

I love days like this - all 3 of us spending time together.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A big family picture

Last Saturday Jason's entire family all got together to take a family picture at the beach. His brother, wife and son had come in a few weeks earlier from Japan so Jason's mom thought it would be a great time to get a family picture. Since it was also around Tara's birthday, we decided to go ahead and celebrate that as well. We met at Barbara Jean's in Fernandina (their crab cakes are the best).

Here's Daniel, Jessica and their boy Caleb with Trevor. It was great to have them home for awhile.

We then met Kari for our photo shoot. Here are a few of our pictures so far - check out her blog below for a few others.

The first of many

Last Sunday was Trevor's first Sunday at church - yes he was not even 4 weeks old. He was the only baby in the bed baby section of our preschool department - the ladies hadn't had any babies all summer so were eager to have Trevor in there. Saturday night I tried to get everything laid out so we wouldn't be TOO late for Sunday School. We were only 20 minutes late to our Sunday School class, which wasn't too bad I guess.

Trevor had his first bottle at church and did fine with it - so Susan Kegley said.
Trevor almost had a major fall for this picture. Once the picture was over, Brody just let go of him and thank goodness Jason was right there and pinned Trevor up against the chair so he didn't fall to the ground. Brody really wanted to play with the toy in the room. Thanks to the Ard's for Trevor and Brody's outfits - they looked so cute.

My mom who is also the preschool director for our church.

The addition is FINAL

This past Tuesday, after 2 months of being very BUSY, our 2 room addition is finished. I am very happy to say that we passed every inspection with flying colors. Looking back it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I loved the fact of being in control (besides the Lord) and knowing when things would be done. We had great sub contractors for the most part. The worst thing about the whole thing was the cleaning that had to be done afterwards. I have never seen so much dust. When Jason and I started this whole project we gave it to the Lord to help guide us in making the right decisions. I sure am thankful we did that - it's amazing how God worked everything out.

Brody is so happy to finally be able to run around in his playroom.

The office.
The closet. I can't wait to put the shelves in here and hopefully keep it organized.

Now the fun begins of moving everything in from Trevor's room and the garage that was originally in the office. Can't wait for that to be finished and we can get our house back to normal - not sure what normal will be with 2 boys.

Big UPS Day

A couple of weeks ago, UPS had a big drop off at our house - my new stroller. I am so excited about it. Jason and Daniel put it together for me but I had to practice with it before taking it out and about. The night they put it together I actually ventured off to Dunn Ave by myself with both boys. Brody wore his backpack/harness so he wouldn't run off. He did so well and we all survived. Brody's pretty happy about his new stroller as well.